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This is my pride and joy -- my own purse

Leather Saddle Purse
My purse is really an attache case,
as it can carry a lap top,
notebook, and all the other things that
I would need to carry.

Hello, my name is Ellen Marie. 
I love working with leather and creating a working art piece, a purse, belt, wallet, or just a picture. 
Turning a plain blank piece of leather into a 3-D picure is pure joy. 
Please enjoy looking at the projects I have completed. 
If you have any questions or wish to have something made for you or as a gift, please email me.
I do not list prices on my web site
Pricing varies depending on the size, amount of carving, and type of project. 
Each piece is hand crafted by me down to the sewing and lacing.
Thank you for taking the time to view my site.
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